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About us

Welcome to Reomach Engineering

Reomach Engineering was established December 1998 by the late Reinold Ernest Oskar Rüster who was a qualified fitter and turner.

What started off as a one-man business soon turned into a proud family owned business.

Two of his sons, Hermann Rüster and Edrich Rüster both qualified toolmakers, joined the company in 2003 and helped their father build the company to where it is today.

“Bete und Arbeite”, translated : "Pray and Work", is a motto that Reo lived by and through this we keep his memory alive in the company, the staff and the relationships we strive to maintain with his loyal clients and clients to come.

More about us

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• Conventional Milling up to 1m
• Conventional Turning up to 4m
• CNC Milling travel up to 1350x650
• CNC Milling 4th Axis machining capability
• CNC Turning Lathes travel up to 1m
• Arch, Mig & Tig (includes Aluminium) Welding
• EDM Spark Erosion
• Laser Engraving
• MasterCam Software Programming.
       Milling – MasterCam 3D with MultiAxis
       Turning – MasterCam Lathe Entry
• Complete Microsoft Office Suite

Fully equipped Quality Assurance office to maintain tolerances and quality standards requested by the client.

Quality and affordability to your products.

Reomach comprises a total of 24 Staff Members; 5 Qualified Toolmakers & 1 Qualified Quality Controller.